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For BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) segment, IT is a very key component that forms an integral part of their business strategy. Most often, even launching new products and services is dependent on IT readiness. Within BFSI, our focus is largely on banks and other financial institutions, with whom we work directly, as well as through large System Integrators.

The strength in services to customers emanates from the agility with which we can ramp up skills. In the complex world of technology adoption, well-skilled recruiters and use of hiring accelerators play a key part. We have that agility.

Our Services include application support for Banking Solutions, data migration services, Trade Finance testing, Mobility solutions, Custom software development and much more.


We work with some large banks to provide application support to Core Banking and other solutions. Further, we provide software development and testing support by augmenting in-house capacity that clients have.

MFI s (Micro Finance Institutions)

Across several third world regions, MFIs is playing a stellar role in lifting large sections of society above poverty lines. Architected on the lines of the well know Grameen Bank model, several MFI s in these regions are increasingly using technology to reduce “loan cycle costs per dollar lent”. Over the years, we have developed considerable expertise in the way MFI s operate and provide services to this sector.

With many MFI s transforming to banks, we are engaging with them actively, especially to provide L1 and L 2 application support.

FATCA & CRS solution

We are a technology partner to a US company, Pvin Corp.that specializes in FATCA & CRS software solutions. VSM Software is the sole technology partner for this US Company and has developed a solution for FATCA & CRS. We are the implementation partners for the solution.

We additionally also provide consulting and technology services on FATCA & CRS.

We have developed a unique “Solution Assisted Data Remediation and Compliance” model that is being used by several banks

Our relationship with SI s

System Integrators who offer a full array of services across all verticals are increasing their reliance on domain-specific partners, who can help by Co-delivering services to BFS customers. We work with some of the SIs and are always keen on expanding our network of SIs to work with. We offer managed project services and staff augmentation and also full project services.


We also do a lot of work through 2 strong associates in Malaysia and Singapore. They come with a strong background and expertise in the BFSI domain and we have partnered together in various assignments in these regions.