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KEA Medical Devices CRM

Kea – Medical Devices CRM Solutions

Picture1Customer acquisition and retention processes in Medical Devices industry are not the same as Pharma Industry. Kea for Medical Devices addresses these.

Kea for the Medical devices offers a suite of features which can be customized to suit a company’s business requirements.

Key Features of Kea Medical Device CRM

Better interaction with a customer is the key to quality customer services and enhanced sales. Kea Medical device CRM offers the following features to medical device companies to help them strengthen their relationships with their customers

Account Management

This includes account profiling, multiple stakeholder mapping and tracking all Sales and efforts on an account basis

End to end lead to conversion management

This includes keeping track of each account status and what opportunities are expected in the future. Since the sales cycle for a medical device company is long – this key feature helps them keep track of all their accounts at a microscopic level.

Detailed Call Planning and Field Activity Tracking.

Detailed Call Planning with set customer call objectives and detailed brand planning.

Coaching and e-Learning

Features, to help the sales team hone their selling and product knowledge skills

Campaign Management

Campaign and CME Management

End to end lifecycle management of various marketing campaigns conducted by the company

Secondary Sales Tracking

Tracking sales from stockist to retailers/institutions and also stocks.

VSM has worked with Devices companies closely and the Kea-Devices version of the CRM is a result of that experience.