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CPHI Pharma Sales and Marketing Workshop
Hotel Holiday Inn, Mumbai

Workshop-Announcementv1This year CPHI conference will see special focus on sales and marketing functions and how the Pharma companies can cope up with some of the current challenges that the entire industry is facing with. The industry is currently grappling with high sales team attrition with need for better skills, reduced face time with Healthcare professionals, new compliance regulations on brand promotion as some of the challenges. Technology will definitely be one of the driving forces in the coming years to help in reducing some of these challenges.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in this workshop are:

  • In-depth knowledge about digital marketing tools and best practices
  • Advancements in customer centric approach by companies
  • Role of medical representatives
  • Latest trends in managing the key account managers

VSM as a CRM/SFE Provider is looking forward to being a part of this conference and gaining insight on how technology can be used to address these trends and challenges that the industry is facing. This workshop also gives us a platform to understand where the industry is going as a whole in terms of technology and how salient technology’s role will be in the near future