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Biovitamins is a Bangalore based nutrition company who has selected VSM to be its CRM vendor. The company was using another CRM solution earlier but the company was facing difficulties in terms of user friendliness, feature coverage and analytics with its earlier solution. With their own organizational restructuring and introduction of new processes, VSM aims to be their full CRM solution partner and support them in all their sales and marketing related decision making.


VSM signs up yet another medical device company for its KEA CRM product. The client is a Bangalore based Medical equipment company in the business of selling radiology based equipments. VSM continues its effort to expand its reach in the medical devices industry with an effort to understand and automate their processes to help them in analyzing and monitoring their sales team performance efficiently.


Emcure Pharmaceuticals – one of our oldest clients have been using KEA CRM end to end. One of the latest additions in the product is the campaign management module that will help the marketing team of a Pharma company plan brand focused campaigns in a more systematic way. This module will also help them in analyzing and strategizing these campaigns better. Emcure intends to improve its campaign tracking and monitoring through this latest addition.


VSM has signed a significant technology support agreement with a New Jersey based software solutions and consulting company, PVin Corp. PVin is a company dedicated to offering solutions and consulting on FATCA (Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standards). These are both anti-Tax Evasion regulations, and impact banks and financial institutions globally.

Under the agreement, VSM is the exclusive technology partner to the US firm. VSM has already developed a product covering FATCA compliance and delivered to the US Company successfully. The first version of the product has been released recently.

“For VSM, this is a major break- through into global software deliveries in a very important area like FATCA and CRS. We are already seeing large scale traction in India, and APAC on this solution. This technology collaboration will be a key driver of growth in our Banking solutions vertical”, says Krish, the CEO of VSM.


VSM Software recently signed up with 2 medical device companies on its KEA 11.0 Basic version. The first company is the world leader in Intra-Uterine Contraceptive domain. The second company is a large Germany headquartered medical device company in the space of disposables. Both these companies are a stepping stone for VSM to expand in the medical devices industry which the company feels is at a nascent stage in terms of CRM automation. For more details on KEA please
click on


Raghunath K is a very seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in Banking space. His last stint was with Infosys where he was handling the Business development and Delivery for the South Asia Region of their Core Banking Solution – Finacle. We are extremely glad to welcome him on Board.


Bangladesh Pharma market is one of the upcoming markets in the world and is growing significantly. VSM wants to utilize this opportunity to enter Bangladesh. The company is in advanced stage talks with an IT partner to finalize the GTM strategy.


VSM Software is engaging with 2 leading pharma companies on doctor de duplication services. Both the companies had similar pain points – a large universe of doctors with large sets of duplications. They were unable to identify their actual targeted doctors; doctors who are loyalists (doctors who prescribe for multiple divisions in the company) and the doctor spend. With our services, we aim to resolve these gaps for them.

4yh May 2015:KEA 12.0 TO BE RELEASED SOON

VSM launched its flagship product KEA 11.0 in December 2014. The product has been appreciated by many companies on its user friendliness and breadth of coverage. VSM will soon be coming out with its updated KEA version – KEA 12.0. Some of the features to watch out for in the release are Campaign module, Advanced Mobile reporting features, and enhanced Analytics. Keep watching this space to know more.


KEA has a very unique feature built in called the Doctor Profiling tool. The tool can help in profiling HCPs – across specialties and this is a very important exercise when it comes to Segmentation and Targeting. The results of the doctor profiling in combination with prescription data from RCPA can be used to arrive at the doctor share for a pharma company as against its total share.
The doctor profiling tool can help in periodic assessment of the HCP as against its origination potential decided at the beginning of the year.


One large multinational pharma company is launching a new molecule very soon in the Indian market. VSM’s team helped them in developing the right application that can help track the progress of the molecule in the market. Some of the key things that VSM assisted in are as follows:

  1. Getting the customer list right – VSM helped in an extensive – Doctor, Hospital and Chemist profiling exercise. The analysis of the project helped the company in understanding the potential of each customer.
  2. Prescription Tracking – VSM provided an RX tracker tool that will help the company in capturing the early adopters of the brand. This toll will help them extensively in tracking prescription over a period of time and hence evaluating the actual potential and category of the doctor – advocate, early adaptor, laggard and so on.

VSM Software is engaging with an Italian based pharma MNC company in India to do a detailed doctor profiling and de duplication exercise with them. The key responsibilities of VSM will be to assist in the doctor profiling process, segmentation and targeting, unique doctor universe generation and maintenance of the doctor universe every cycle.
We will also be engaging with the company to provide analytics on sales based information. Some of the key things that we will assist in are capturing secondary sales data, comparison and trend analysis of Primary Sales v/s Secondary Sales, and so on.


KEA-the CRM/SFE product from VSM, is set to grow further. “We are expanding our product team. Pharma and Devices companies are gearing up for Wave 2 of SFE initiatives. Our offerings for the industry are unique in their width of coverage and therefore puts us in a good position to ride this wave”, says Priya.
“We are very focused on enabling greater efficiencies in sales and marketing teams in the industry. Our focus is not on the “hygiene” e-reporting , but goes far beyond that”, says Krishnamurthy, CEO of VSM.


VSM’s strong growth in both Pharma and Banking verticals draws more interest among investors. We have just concluded a second round of funding for expansion of our products and services. We thank the investors for their confidence in us, and the VSM team will continue to work hard at all new initiatives for growth.


Grameen Koota is currently implementing Temenos as their CBS. VSM team will be engaging with GFS on User Acceptance testing of the application. With this engagement, VSM will develop expertise in another Core Banking solution – Temenos. Currently the company can provide its services on Flexcube and Finacle Core banking solutions.

15th february 2015:VSM to assist RBL Bank in trade finance testing

VSM has a team of testers assisting RBL Bank in testing of their BAU work and also software enhancements.
Recently, VSM has added trade finance testers to its team. This is in line with VSM’s concerted effort to expand its trade finance practice

15th february 2015:VSM expands its team at JFS

Janalakshmi Financial Services has been expanding its IT road map, in line with ambitious business expansion plans. VSM is continuing to expand its team of software and functional professionals at the bank, covering multiple domains: Core Banking, SFDC and Cards. Primary IT partner in all these engagements is IBM.

15th february 2015:VSM forges larger alliance with US based FATCA

VSM is a key technology partner to PVin Corp, a Princeton based firm specializing in FATCA offerings. (FATCA stands for Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act). We are now working on a larger relationship on the FATCA front, and are engaging with multiple CA forms and SI s along with PVin Corp, for taking FATCA solutions to potential clients in India.

15th December 2014: VSM to develop a FATCA solution

FATCA is an IRS legislation that requires US and Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI) to report to IRS on the financial information of accounts held outside United States.VSM partners with U.S. based company PVin Corp to develop a FATCA solution for banks and FFIs.

15th December 2014: VSM launches KEA Version 11.0 today

With US investor funding in place, VSM Launches its new upgraded version KEA 11.0 today. KEA promises to be all device compatible – Mobile, Tablets and Laptops. KEA will aim at solving some crucial problem areas in the analytics space that is being faced by the people in the pharma industry. To know more on the product keep watching our space.

6th November 2014: VSM wins another deal with a Medical Device Company

Our recent acquisition – BSN Medicals is a German based MNC Medical Device Company who has a challenge in the Secondary Sales Data Capture. VSM is automating the collection of this data for them. VSM will help them in consolidation and high level analysis of this data.

6th November 2014: VSM enters the social media platform

With all the recent success that VSM has had in the Pharma and Financial Services vertical; and also the clear roadmap that the company has – VSM felt it was the right time to make its presence felt in the virtual world. So here we are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We aim to keep our audience well informed on what is happening in the company and what is in store for them. Please visit and follow us on Linkedin   Facebook   Twitter   Google+

16th October 2014: VSM to deploy its Secondary Sales module for Novo Nordisk

After the successful implementation of our RCPA module, Novo Nordisk has recently asked VSM to implement the Secondary Sales Module as well and consider VSM as their long term IT partner.

16th October 2014: VSM adds another pharma client

VSM recently won a deal with Mylan Pharma on providing the secondary sales services to them. VSM will be targeting the top stockists from whom the required data will be collected and provide relevant analysis on the same.

1st October 2014: VSM’s application gets US body’s recognition

An application developed by VSM has received approval and recognition from a prestigious US body, AHRI-Air conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute.

1st October 2014: VSM gets Investor Funding

VSM gets investment from the US for its pharma product. VSM will be using this to enhance its CRM product and launch a new and more advanced application in the Indian pharma market.

16th September 2014: VSM wins testing assignments in Banking in Malaysia

VSM to participate in testing projects related to GST(Goods and Service tax) regulations in Malaysia
Malaysia has just incorporated GST regulations have recently been incorporated in the Malaysian BFSI Industry. As a result, all the BFSI companies are to upgrade their systems to incorporate this new regulation. VSM is participating through an associate company in doing the functional testing for a few banks who are upgrading their systems to incorporate this new regulation.

3rd September 2014: VSM makes its foray into the Medical Device Market

A Medical Device MNC Company signs with VSM
VSM recently has signed a deal with a medical device company on providing a solution to the secondary sales data capture. The Secondary sales data will be captured at source from the distributors. Various analysis with respect to the primary sales and other data can be performed to arrive at various business level decisions. With this deal and the existing pharma domain strength, VSM plans to expand further and rapidly into the medical device market in India.

1st August 2014: VSM sets up its US office in New Jersey

VSM’s new US office
VSM Software has set up an associate office in New Jersey, US to expand its reach to the large Pharmaceutical Industry in the US. Initially, we will offer custom solution services in CEM, Marketing function and related areas.

1st August 2014: VSM signs a deal with Indegene Lifesystems on their CRM Application

New KEA deployment
Indegene and VSM have signed a deal wherein our KEA CRM application will be used for some of Indegene’s clients as well as internal reporting. The solution will be provided to them on the cloud. The project is expected to go live from September first week.

1st July 2014: VSM wins a deal with a large MNC on Analytics

Effort v/s Performance dashboards on excel
A large MNC engages with VSM on generating automatic excel based dashboards for their managers. The reports analyse the efforts v/s results across various factors – sales and non sales. These reports provide a quick snapshot to the managers about their reportees and highlight areas that need to be worked on.

6th June 2014: A private bank based in Mumbai engages with VSM on their testing projects

Private Bank in Mumbai-End – to end testing Project
VSM Software has won the BAU and Enhancement Testing assignment contract for various applications running on the premises of the private Sector bank in Mumbai. Some of the applications to be tested are Core Banking Solution, Cash Management, Wealth Management, treasury and so on.

20th May 2014: A private bank based in Mumbai engages VSM for Micro ATM

Private Bank in Mumbai-Micro-ATM
A rapidly growing private bank, based in Mumbai, engages VSM for Business Analysis and FS preparation for a Micro-ATM application. This is the first engagement with this bank, and will surely lead to more assignments as we go along.

20th May 2014: Another Mumbai based Pharma company engages VSM for Secondary Sales

Secondary Sales Data
VSM and AIOCD have been working together closely on collection of Secondary Sales data for some Pharma companies. One more large Pharma company with over 150 SKU s has confirmed its tie up with VSM (along with AIOCD) for collection and periodic publishing of Secondary Sales data.

30th Apr 2014: VSM launches the first DSF

VSM launches DSF
With the launch of KEA, the new brand for our Pharma SFE product, we have launched the first set of DSF (Decision Support Framework) applets in our Leave Management Process. Current and new clients can see a demo by requesting poornima@vsmsoftware.com

30th Apr 2014: VSM to carry out advanced HCP identification and profiling

Doctor Profiling
We have signed an assignment to redefine the doctor profile for one key SBU in a large MNC. The scope includes

  • Redoing the Doctor profile
  • Data analysis
  • MR-Doctor mapping
  • Data migration

“Our increasing focus on adding value to Pharma clients in multiple ways is paying off. Clients are becoming increasingly appreciative of the domain expertise that we bring in” says, Priya of VSM

30th Apr 2014: Large Indian private sector bank expands relationship with VSM

Trade Finance implementation
We are excited about the increasing market opportunities in niche trade finance assignments. We are contracted to play a larger role in the TI Plus implementation at a private bank in India.

22nd Apr 2014: VSM implementing A and P budgeting and provisioning module for an MNC

Advertising and Promotion (A & P) Budgeting and Provision
VSM is implementing a module to plan and track A and P budgets. This will involve making a monthly plan which can be revised by authorized personnel in-between. The budget will be done for the various types of A & P spend like CME, Samples, and Literature etc. The module also helps in the provisioning for each month based on the plans available for the usage of the funds for that month.

01st Apr 2014: VSM to support Flexcube and other applications for a Dubai based bank

Support for an Islamic Bank
VSM is to participate in a large Application Management Services assignment for a Dubai based Islamic bank. Support by VSM will be in .Net and Java application maintenance and development, along with supporting some aspects of Flexcube, which is the core banking solution used by the bank. The bank is a leading Islamic bank in UAE.

VSM is a partner with a large SI in providing this support to the bank, out of a newly set up offshore India center

01st Apr 2014: With VSM support, MDM goes live for a large MNC Pharma company’s India operations

MDM goes live
Master Data Management using Informatica’s MDM module, goes live for a large MNC Pharma company’s India operations. VSM played a key role in HCP (Health Care Professionals) and HCA (Health Care Accounts). See Testimonials

14th Mar 2014: VSM leads a “thought leadership” discussion on Linked In

CRM solutions and top line growth
Recently, in the popular ‘Pharma SFE’ Linked-In group, we led a discussion on “Should CRM solutions enable Pharma companies drive top line growth?” The relevance of this discussion is borne out by the fact that this topic stayed as the most popular discussion for over a fortnight.

“We believe that the industry now needs solutions that will drive Sales Force Efficiency and also top line effectiveness, and not solutions that merely electronically record what happened yesterday. At VSM, we are increasingly taking up thought leadership positions, and are intent on developing solutions that meet industry’s emerging needs” says, Krishnamurthy, CEO of VSM.

14th Mar 2014: VSM to do performance testing for a banking application

Performance testing on Flexcube
VSM is to take up performance testing on FCR version 5 for a large Micro Finance Institution. The scope of work involves testing,including

  • Online use of all forms
  • File uploads
  • Reports

Entire implementation of the upgrade has to happen in a very compressed time frame.

28th Feb 2014: Upgraded E-Learning module being launched

Pharma Companies are keen to capitalize on E-Learning as a cost-effective way of retraining and re-skilling their employees. Pharma companies also feel the need to link the training closely with their Sales Performance. In our CRM product, E-Learning is an integral module, which, we will continue to upgrade. We are also adding a number of new reports for users. The advantages that our module will bring, over stand alone Learning Management Solutions are:

  • Our module is specifically designed for the Pharma Industry
  • Since it can form an integral part of the CRM solution, it is closely linked with all other key aspects such as coaching, sales      performance, and call handling
  • For training managers in the industry, this module, along with data from other CRM modules, will enable them to design more      effective training content
15th Feb 2014: Launch of KEA-Smart Support

KEA-Smart Support ( or STAR-Smart Support)
In a major move to assist our clients in improving efficiency of the sales force, we have launched a unique user support initiative called KEA-Smart Support.

“Currently most product companies in our space provide reactive support using traditional methods. This is a bit like a car manufacturer offering maintenance support purely after some function fails. We have realized that customers need a lot more than reaction to their calls and requests. In phase 1 of this new service, the focus will be on a few specific areas that will help in improving the work efficiency of the field force”, says Krishnamurthy, CEO of VSM.

In this phase, our focus areas are:

  • Improved preventive support
  • Application usage efficiency support
  • Webinar based training
15th Feb 2014: Large MFI expands scope of Flexcube work for VSM

VSM to do gap analysis and product parameterization
In a move that illustrates the growing confidence that banks have in VSM’s services, a large Micro Finance Institution expands the scope of work assigned to VSM in its Flexcube upgrade project. VSM team will now help in gap analysis between the bank’s requirements and FCR 5 version and also do all the loan products parameterization.

15th Jan 2014: Syndicate Bank expands its relationship with VSM

Syndicate Bank assignments
VSM started its engagement with the bank in the area of testing of Flexcube Direct banking. The bank has now expanded the scope of VSM work to monitoring the UAT server set up across all UAT work that the bank undertakes.

14th Jan 2014: VSM to increase focus on trade finance solutions

Trade Finance
In the last few months, we have seen a lot of new traction on trade finance related solutions in banks. Recently, we see opportunities opening up for niche Trade Finance solutions. With the vast domain expertise that we have, we believe that we can engage with banks in this space. “We have already won 2 large engagements in the last 3 months, and are confident that this practice will grow”, says Rajendran-Consultant-Banking at VSM.

14th Jan 2014: VSM increases focus on training its employees

Employee training
With constant new developments in technology, and also increasing need for domain knowledge in our relevant verticals, we have substantially increased our focus on training and re-skilling. In this financial year, we have run several relevant programs. “We are keen that our employees get an opportunity to get trained and re-skilled in the latest technologies and also relevant domains”, says Devika-HR Executive at VSM.

30th Dec 2013: VSM to be a key partner in trade finance implementation

TI Plus- Trade Finance software implementation
VSM had been contracted to be a key partner in the implementation of TI Plus at a major private sector bank in India. The bank has decided to replace a legacy solution in trade finance with the latest version of TI Plus, which is a leading solution in Trade Finance. VSM’s role will involve Business Analysis and Testing.

16th Dec 2013: A large PSB engages VSM for Flexcube Direct Banking Testing

Flexcube Direct Banking Testing
A large Public Sector bank which is upgrading from an older version of Flexcube Direct Banking to FCDB-Ver 12, has signed up VSM to do all the Testing for their upgrade project. “In the last 3 to 4 months, we have won many contracts from banks using Flexcube. We are pleased that we have the capability to deliver on all of our commitments”, says Rajendran, Consultant-Banking at VSM.

16th Dec 2013: A Bangalore based MFI engages VSM for FCR migration testing

A Bangalore based MFI engages VSM for FCR migration testing
A large Micro Finance Institution that focuses on urban micro-credit, has finalized a contract to engage VSM in a number of activities for their planned migration from an older version of FCR to FCR 4.5. While Testing is a major component in the assignment, there are other tasks that VSM will carry out, including Product Parameterization.

16th Dec 2013: Master Data Management for a Pharma MNC

MDM for a Pharma MNC
VSM has won a contract to assist a Bangalore based Pharma Multinational with Master Data Management of doctor data.

30th Nov 2013: A USD 40B US based Pharma conglomerate signs up with VSM for

Data ware house and Performance calculations
A USD 40B Pharma conglomerate signs up with VSM for creation of a data mart covering select Sales and non-sales data extracted from across multiple applications. The data mart will serve as the basis for all relevant dash boards to be presented to different levels of management. The project will also involve implementation of VSM’s comprehensive solution for field force incentives calculation.

30th Nov 2013: A UK based Pharma MNC nominates VSM’s campaign Management module for a company international award

Nomination for an international award
VSM’s comprehensive Campaign management application was nominated for the UK company’s prestigious internal awards for software applications. “We are proud to have been in the final short list with our application which was developed to replace a similar application that was earlier being used by the company. The earlier application was developed by a large Indian software company on MS Dynamics platform. Our client wanted us to deliver many improvements on that application. We were successful” says, Ms Priya, Program Director at VSM.

14th Nov 2013: VSM to provide Business Analysis Services to a large Bank

Functional Specifications
A large bank using Flexcube Core Banking solutions will rely on VSM to work out a detailed functional specifications (FS) document for enhancements to their CBS. This will help the bank provide clearer FS to the CBS vendor, thereby saving time and effort in downstream SDLC activities. (SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle).

30th Oct 2013: Doctor de duplication for a large Indian Pharma company based in Mumbai

Doctor de duplication
After a successful Pilot, one of India’s largest Pharma companies is to engage VSM for a large de-duplication assignment on its All-India doctor database. The company has over 4 lakh doctor records. The benefit that they will get out of the de duplication exercise is to achieve a cleaner list of doctors With this, the company expects to be able to monitor all their efforts on doctors in a far improved manner, and also meet compliance norms.

30th Oct 2013: Increased focus on trade finance

Trade Finance solutions outside of Core Banking Solutions
VSM has increased its focus on services offerings in trade finance area. We expect that many large banks will start to seek stronger solutions complementing their core banking solutions. VSM has substantial prior experience in offering services in Trade Finance. We are now working towards scaling up these services.

17th Oct 2013: MIS reports for a large MFI

MIS reports for a large MFI
One of the largest MFI s in India, based out of Bangalore, uses VSM’s services in multiple areas. Recently, we completed development and roll out of a number of key MIS reports drawing data from multiple and large applications including SFDC based CRM application and Core Banking Solution-Flexcube. The assignment was completed successfully andseveral new and complex reports developed with SSRS and SSAS have been deployed.

17th Oct 2013: UAT completed successfully on SFDC enhancements

UAT completed successfully on SFDC enhancements
VSM completed the UAT for a large SFDC enhancements project for a financial institution. The enhancements were recently rolled out into production.

30th Sep 2013: Large Pharma company upgrades to a more recent version of SFE solution

Upgrade to new version
A large Pharma company, based in Western India, which has been using our SFE solutions over a long time has recently confirmed an upgrade to our most recent version. “Our latest version- Version 4.0- has more features, and the customer has seen value in upgrading” says, Priya, the Program Director.

30th Sep 2013: A large doctor profiling assignment completed

Doctor Profiling Assignment Completed
A large Pharma MNC used our services to de-duplicate and clean up the doctor data. This has resulted in getting a unique list of the customers and now all the efforts and results can be measured more accurately.

17th Sep 2013: South African Pharma Company engages VSM

Incentive/Performance calculator
A large South African company which has launched its formulations in India, has engaged VSM to provide a solution to handle its Incentive/Performance calculations periodically. “The company has started its India operations recently, and has a large sales force of over 1500. We have provided similar solutions to many other Pharma companies. Our application will not only save considerable time, but also effort”.

17th Sep 2013: Testing for banking projects in Malaysia

Malaysia projects
VSM has signed a services contract with a partner in Malaysia, under which, we will provide consultants to our partner for their testing services in banks. Some consultants have already travelled to Malaysia.

2nd Sep 2013: AIOCD and VSM to offer Secondary Sales services to another

Secondary Sales
AIOCD and VSM are set to expand the relationship on Secondary Sales and have signed a contract with another large MNC for total outsourcing of Stockist Secondary Sales/Stocks data collection and analysis. “Our model of working jointly with AIOCD has found good traction with the Industry. With the extent of stockist coverage that we can give through this model, it gives clients much needed completeness in data”, says Priya of VSM.

27th July 2013: Application Support conference

Application Support conference
VSM held an internal conference on Application Support. Our engineers supporting applications in both Banking and Pharmaceutical verticals participated in this half day conference. Main sessions and discussions were on:

  • Use of good reporting tools in Application Support
  • Use of scripts in diagnosis
  • Preventive maintenance-new thrust area

A number of new ideas came up. “We had a number of actionable ideas, and will be implementing them soon. Across multiple applications, VSM supports thousands of users, and this cross functional exchange is important.”, says Uday, Manager-Application Support and Quality.


20th July 2013: VSM to do server migration testing for a Flexcube customer

Server migration testing
A large MFI using Flexcube is migrating the database to a higher server, to take care of their expansion plan. VSM has been contracted to do the acceptance testing of the application on the new server. This is a carefully planned assignment, and has to be finished in a short time. “The bank has reposed continuing faith in our capabilities and has been engaging us for many assignments. Engaging with us on this critical project is a further endorsement of the trust that they place in us”

15th July 2013: VSM to implement RCPA at a major Pharma MNC

RCPA implementation
We have won a contract to implement Retail Chemist Prescription Module at a major MNC Pharma company specializing in Diabetes products. The module will help them track, with ease, doctor prescription data, thereby giving them far greater visibility. Implementation of the “ready to use” application, with some customization, will be completed in August.

05th June 2013: VSM engaged for SFDC testing

SFDC testing
A large Microfinance institution uses SFDC for its customer relations and loan origination to approval process. The bank has embarked on a large project to enhance the functionalities of this SFDC based application. For this assignment, acceptance testing will be done by VSM.

04th June 2013: MIS reports development for Flexcube

Bangalore based bank
A Bangalore based bank has contracted VSM to develop advanced MIS reports on FCR data. This work will involve ETL and report generation routines to be written for data from multiple applications, being used by the bank.

03rd June 2013: Pharma-OTC, the new growth area

OTC business
Reports suggest that OTC business which currently forms about 12-15% of the total Pharma industry volumes in India, will grow faster in the coming years. We have seen a lot of traction in enquiries from Pharma companies to automate all SFE related processes for their OTC businesses. We are currently in discussions with a few companies for various application for their OTC business.

16th May 2013: VSM to implement Campaign and E-Learning modules

Campaign and E-Learning modules
VSM has been contracted to implement Campaign and E-Learning modules at one of the largest Indian Pharma companies based in Pune. “We have 2 versions in our Campaign management modules. Our estimate is that Pharma Industry conducts anywhere between 7-10 lakh events and conferences in a year in India. Our solutions for managing these events cover the industry’s needs end to end and give a ready ROI to companies”, says Poornima of VSM.

15th May 2013: VSM develops a pilot app in Corporate Banking on IBM Work Light

VSM to offer mobility solutions
VSM has developed a pilot app on a leading enterprise mobility platform, IBM Worklight. “We have a serious commitment to the B2B space in both Banking and Pharma verticals. Within this, we are mulling various offerings in relation to mobility that will truly add value to the client. Compatibility with multiple operating systems and user consumption devices is a major industry need, which is why we are developing expertise on a platform such as IBM’s worklight” says Swarna Dinkar of VSM. We are in the process of talking to a number of banks in the region on this.

03rd May 2013: A major MFI signs up with VSM for Flexcube services

JFS contract on Flexcube services
Janalakshmi Financial Services is one of the largest Micro Finance Institutions in India. They use Flexcube as their Core Banking Solution. Recently, VSM signed a contract for multiple services to be provided to JFS. Services include Testing, Systems audit on how CBS handles select loan products, and also development of new reports.

“For us, providing services that can help banks derive the maximum benefit out of their CBS, is a priority. Towards that objective, this is one of the many engagements that we are currently discussing with Flexcube users in the region”, says Rajendran, Consultant-Banking at VSM.

16th Apr 2013: VVSM develops a portal for a Campaign Organizer who manages events for Pharma companies

Pharma campaign and events
VSM signed an MOU with a Campaign Organizer to launch a portal to manage Campaigns and Events of the Pharma Industry. This portal will manage event creation, event authentication process and the complete end to end execution for the Organizing company.

The Pharma Industry carries out a number of “Continuing Medical Education” programs constantly, every month. These conferences, some small, and some large, are held through out the country and need seamless managing end to end. When outsourced to an organizer, there are advantages that can accrue through aggregation. The portal helps in tracking events, managing costs and execution, and helps in billing by the Organizer. Overall, efficiencies in the system will improve.

01st Apr 2013: VSM ramps up testing team for Australian bank

Oracle Banking Platform testing
VSM has significantly ramped up the testing team deployed at a large Systems Integrator (SI) that is doing the acceptance testing for an Australian bank. We have been assisting this SI for over a year and a half on this contract. Recently, we got a mandate to expand our team three times. This is a reflection of the confidence and trust placed in our capability.

18th Mar 2013: Mumbai based Pharma MNC signs a POC with VSM on Doctor Data Management

Doctor Data Management
We have designed a process for the Pharma companies to help them remove duplicate entries of doctors in their doctor universe and hence provide them with a clean list. This needs to be done on an ongoing basis to avoid duplication at all times.

Doctor data clean up and de duplication has the following benefits:

  • Unique doctor list for better compliance
  • Brings to light the fact whether multiple Medical Reps are visiting the same doctor. Hence helps reduce the time & effort spent on a doctor.
15th Feb 2013 : VSM-AIOCD AWACS to work jointly for SS data for RPG Life Sciences

Secondary Sales-RPG Life Sciences Ltd
Within 15 days of signing a collaboration agreement with AIOCD AWACS, VSM is to jointly work with them to collect and collate secondary sales and stocks data from stockists for RPG Life Sciences. “We have always added a lot of value to our clients in this space. Our joint approach with AIOCD AWACS will serve to make this service even more comprehensive. We are hopeful that we will be able to sign up many more accounts”, says Ms Poornima Rajan, Business Development Executive, VSM.

05th Feb 2013: VSM to collaborate with AIOCD on Secondary Sales Data collection

Collaboration in Secondary Sales
AIOCD AWACS has been working with many Pharma companies to collect data on Secondary Sales and stocks with stockists. This data is collected at source, while data collected by VSM is through receipt of stock and sales statements from the stockists in any way that is convenient for them to provide. To better address the challenges in both the processes followed by AIOCD AWACS and VSM, we have signed a collaboration agreement. The 2 companies will now complement each other in this data collection process, and will offer services jointly to Pharma companies. This will make the coverage more and will yield multiple benefits to the industry by providing greater channel visibility.

Within 2 weeks of agreeing on this collaboration, there is considerable interest in the industry. While one contact has been signed, many more are in the pipeline.

17th Jan 2013: VSM wins a US health care portal contract

US Health care portal
A US portal that monitors key health indices in students, has signed a contract with us for all new development on the portal. “We have signed this contract recently, and are currently doing phase 1 of required enhancements. The portal will entail a lot more work this fiscal year”, says Priya of VSM.

15th Jan 2013: Another large SI signs partner agreement with VSM on Flexcube

Another large SI signs agreement with VSM
A large US based SI has signed on VSM as a major partner in offering services on FC UBS 12, which is the latest version of Flexcube core banking solution from Oracle Financial Services Software. This large Systems Integration Company has won a major contract on System Integration Testing for a large Flexcube upgrade project at a multinational bank. VSM will be helping them in ramping up the teams for testing this multi country roll outs.

17th Dec 2012 : VSM to increase thrust on channel services for Pharma companies

Channel Services
We have created a unique model to deliver a range of “channel” related services to Pharma companies. We have developed capabilities, processes and a unique set of dash boards covering:

  • Capture of timely data from the channel
  • Data validations and analysis of exceptional patterns
  • Analytics and dash boards presentation
  • MIS reports

Response from the Industry has been good, encouraging us now to increase our thrust on this. The industry will see some major new initiatives from us on this front.

16th Dec 2012 : Mumbai based Pharma MNC renews “application support” contract

Renewal of application support contract
Mumbai based Pharma MNC has been working with us since 2011. The company has renewed our contract to support the CRM/SFE application till end Dec 2013, clearly endorsing their faith in our services.

03rd Dec 2012 : VSM discussing with a healthcare portal in the US

US Health care portal
VSM is in advanced stage of concluding a long term engagement with a US portal that monitors certain health parameters for students. “This is an existing portal. We are at an advanced stage of discussion to take over all further work on this portal”, says Priya.

03rd Dec 2012 : Data Analytics and reporting projects in Pharma are an increasing

Data Analytics
In line with the trend in other industries, we see substantial traction in Data Analytics related assignments. Since we have a ready platform –FIAP (Field Information Aggregation Platform) to aggregate and analyze field information on “effort” and “results”, we are well placed to meet this increasing interest in the Industry. We are currently talking to many companies to deploy our platform.

17th Nov 2012 : Test assets on CASA module of FC UBS

CASA Test Assets Framework
VSM has been actively involved in testing of Flexcube in many assignments. With our vast experience, we have started to build generic test cases and test assets. The first module completed recently, is CASA (Current and Savings Account).

“The TAF (Test Assets Frame work) formulated by us are a useful kit that can be used for any UAT assignment”, says Poornima Rajan, Business Development Executive at VSM.

16th Nov 2012 : STAR-Channel Management and associated services – release of enhanced version

Channel related services-enhanced offerings
Channel management is an important area for the Pharma industry. We have a sophisticated software application to handle channel data such as secondary sales, closing stocks and all other related channel data. We offer services in collecting and managing this data. We have recently launched a new version of the STAR-Channel application and also enhanced our service offerings in this area, which will not only offer greater data accuracy through more validations, but also incorporates better reporting and dash boards.

02nd Nov 2012 : VSM sets up a dedicated Help Desk to handle campaigns and events

Having launched one of the most comprehensive solutions for campaigns and events management, we have set up a dedicated help desk to handle assistance to over 1500 users in a large MNC Pharma company. Recently, this company replaced MS Dynamics with our very user friendly application that integrates with SAP also. Seamless and smooth handling of campaigns/events results in more enduring interactions with doctors and also possible cost savings for these events. Our application also helps a great deal in the all-important area of “compliance”.

29th Oct 2012 : VSM announces new Doctor Data Management services

The doctor lists of the Medical Representatives (MR) change periodically. The period itself varies from company to company. The final approved list is not accurate due to the following reasons:

  • ncomplete data
  • Duplicate records across field force

We at VSM will help you in correcting and updating the data.

15th Sep 2012 : Refined change management process implemented

Refined change management process implemented for a large MNC. The process allows stake holders to place the change request along with the necessary documents. VSM updates the request with the process, effort and cost therein. This then go through 2 levels of approval – the project owner and IT. After this, the change is taken up and implemented. Post implementation the date of delivery is also updated, so there is a complete repository of changes done to the main application with all the key dates of completion.

03rd Sep 2012: Large MNC replaces Ms Dynamics with our application

Large Pharma MNC replaced Ms Dynamics with our application. The users now do their Daily Call Reporting, Expense claim etc in our Application. All the required MIS based on these input is made available. Users have found our application user friendly and complete in all respects.

23rd Aug 2012 : First of the series of CBT released to a large Pharma MNC

VSM has released the first CBT to one of its major Pharma client. The CBT gives the user step by step instruction on how to access the SFE application, make their tour plan, Daily Call Report etc. The instructions are backed by audio and visual aids. Any new joinee to the company will be able to start using the application from day one without the training department or line manager having to give the necessary training. Hopefully this will help our client in some reduction in cost and time spent.

Similar releases to be done to all the Pharma clients in the near future.

31st July 2012 : A large TATA group company places repeat orders on VSM

VSM had provided a key solution to a Tata group company to assist them in defining the specifications of various products to be used in their turn key projects. This application helped the client win international certifications in this area.

The company recently confirmed major orders to continue to engage us in providing similar solutions to their other divisions, thereby placing continuing faith in our services. “These are complex solutions. We are now going to work with 2 divisions of this Tata group company offering similar complex solutions. Our client is looking to obtain maximum value out of these solutions, and will definitely derive greater traction with their clients”, says Priya, Program Director at VSM.

16th July 2012 : VSM releases a costing module for branded generics for a large MNC

We have developed a costing module, a part of our comprehensive project monitoring application for branded generics sourcing from India. This application already covers the entire project life cycle for launch of new generic molecules. We have now added a costing module that helps the Finance and Supply Chain teams to analyze costs and pricing. This will help them to manage vendor negotiations better.

“We are also planning to add many more features to this application including a number of local applications that will empower users to take more informed decisions”, says Palani Kumar, Project Manager at VSM.

2nd July 2012 : Pune based Pharma company opts for VSM’s “Expense Manager” module

One of the largest Indian Pharma companies, based in Pune, has opted to implement VSM’s “Expense Manager” module, and integrate it with its SFA solution. This is expected to ease the process of reimbursing travel expenses to over 3000 strong field force.

“Our Expense Processing module is robust and versatile and can be integrated with Sales Force Automation and ERP solutions. At this site, the customer uses VSM’s SFA application and also SAP as its ERP solution. Once implemented, the company will benefit significantly through accurate and almost fully automated processing of travel expenses of the field force”, says Ms Priya, Program Director at VSM.

2nd July 2012 : Bangalore based Pharma MNC adds Retail Chemist Prescription Audit

A large Bangalore based MNC, which is a major VSM customer, is adding Retail Chemist Prescription Audit to its suite of applications in use. With this, the company has continued to enhance functionalities being supported in its vast set of CRM applications-all of which are from VSM.

18th June 2012 : VSM to participate in a major Flexcube implementation in UK

VSM is to participate in a Flexcube implementation at a major multinational bank, for its UK operations. This is a large and important assignment. Being selected by Oracle Financial Services Solutions, to partner them in this implementation is an important achievement for VSM. The off shore part of the assignment has already commenced.

15th May 2012 : VSM releases Event Management Module for Pharma Industry

Events (Campaigns) are a major expense for Pharma Companies around the world. Managing these events End to End is an important aspect of Commercial operations of a Pharma company. VSM has added a comprehensive Event Management module that addresses all the requirements. i.e.

  • Planning of events
  • Seeking financial approvals
  • Detailed event execution plans
  • Capture of budgeted expenses
  • Actual expenses capture
  • Detailed Assistance to Event Desk in execution
  • Link to payments in ERP or any other system
  • Feedback on events


30th Apr 2012 : Oracle Financial Services Software Assigns Tier 1 Partner Status to VSM

VSM has been a premium partner with Oracle Financial Services Software, OFSS (formerly iflex solutions) for over 5 years.We have been offering many services around Flexcube, which is a leading core banking solution and is from OFSS.

After a recent review and consolidation exercise, OFSS has given us Tier 1 (the highest) status as a partner. This is reflection of the confidence that OFSS has in us.

“We are proud to be associated with OFSS as a Tier 1 partner. We will continue to enhance our services on Flexcube, which is a leading core banking solution from OFSS.We have recently set up a Centre of Competence, as well, on Flexcube”, says Krishnamurthy, CEO of VSM Software.

18th Apr 2012 : CRISIL Rating for VSM Software

CRISIL has upgraded our rating to SE2B. This rating indicates “high performance capability and moderate financial strength”.

We have been given the upgrade after a thorough evaluation of our audited financial reports for 2010-11, unaudited results for 2011-12, and also various other business data that we provided to CRISIL. “We are pleased with this upgrade, and will continue to strive to meet all our growth commitments, retaining a high sense of fairness in dealing with various stake holders” says Krishnamurthy, CEO of VSM Software.

10th MARCH 2012 : VSM CSR activity

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activity, a team of socially conscious VSM employees spent a Saturday morning to do some social work. The task: Cleaning the lake bank opposite the CV Raman Nagar Bagmane park buildings.

It was disappointing to see the beautiful lake being littered on the banks with plastic and waste. Avinash, our employee, working at OFSS was a key resource to initiate this CSR activity. After discussing with our CEO, Krish, he evoked interest in this good cause form all of us at VSM. Glad to say that we got many of the volunteers to join this activity in a short notice. We all had fun participating in this Corporate Social Responsibility by cleaning Bagmane lake bank, in CV Raman Nagar. We have also placed dustbins from VSM to maintain the cleanliness in the future. Hope the employees of the neighboring commercial establishments and the shopkeepers maintain the cleanliness. VSM looks forward to being involved in many more such activities which are associated with a good cause.

15th Jan 2012 : NRK Raman is lead mentor to VSM under the NASSCOM Mentorship program

NASSCOM has selected a few companies in the Small and Medium sector for a specially organized mentorship program. These are companies perceived to have potential to log fast track growth. VSM is one of the companies selected by NASSCOM for this program.

Under the NASSCOM mentorship program, VSM is being helped by an elite panel of highly qualified consultants. The lead mentor is Mr. NRK Raman, former Country Head of Oracle Financial Services Software.

“For us, at VSM this is a privilege, especially because one of our major focus areas is Flexcube. While Mr. Raman’s valuable mentorship will help us immensely in all areas of our work, his advice and guidance on our Banking solutions practice is of great significance, considering his own back ground”, says Krishnamurthy, CEO of VSM Software.

12th Jan 2012 : New release of our CRM solution to a large MNC Pharma

A Bangalore based large multinational Pharma company has been one of our valued customers over the last 4 years. We are releasing an enhanced version for them covering a whole host of new features, including capability to do detailed planning of daily calls, every week. The new version will also have a totally revamped “Look and Feel” and greater integration with specially designed dash boards.

10th Jan 2012 : Rapid expansion of user base on our CRM platform at a Mumbai based Pharma

VSM’s solutions in CRM have built in capability to address “Specialty” products business, in addition to Pharma business. Our solutions are also quickly scalable, as we have demonstrated in our implementation at a rapidly growing Specialty products subsidiary of a large European company.

When the company started its implementation, there were just 40 strong sales force. They have rapidly expanded to over 300 strong sales force in less than 8 months. We have successfully scaled up and also helped train all the additional sales force around the country.

2nd Jan 2012 : VSM to invest significant effort in developing FIAP-a unique Field Information Aggregation Platform for the Pharma Industry

VSM recognizes that the Pharma Industry is rapidly moving towards more sophisticated use of “information” for decision making, especially when it comes to Sales Force Effectiveness. One of the key areas is the use of a sound ROI model, for ongoing evaluation of investments on customers.

“Our unique Results Vs Efforts dash boards with capabilities for dynamic analysis will help all levels in a typical Pharma Sales organization to take better decisions. Our dash boards revolve around an entire frame work developed by us –called FIAP, which stands for Field Information Aggregation Platform”. This platform, combined with powerful rendering of information has already been deployed in 2 large MNC Pharma companies with great success”, says Ms Priya, Program Director at VSM.